Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood brings together a collaboration of partners focused on family, education, health and community to support academic excellence and college bound aspirations for children in the Castle Park community of Chula Vista.

The Promise

During their year of planning, South Bay Community Services brought together more than 28 partners made up of local agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses who signed on to provide $33 million in matching funds making a total investment of over $60 million to providing children in Castle Park neighborhood with the kind of opportunities they need to excel in school, get into college, find good jobs and lead healthy fulfilling lives.

Calendar of Events

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We want to know what YOU think? 

This month we'll be visiting Castle Park households to conduct a survey on its programs and services. Your opinions, ideas and feedback will help Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood learn which programs and services are best supporting Castle Park families and how it can further develop these programs. For more information contact CVPromise at 619-422-5005