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In the Academic Advocate Program, students in Castle Park Middle School, Hilltop Middle School, Castle Park High School, and Hilltop High School are assigned an Academic Advocate who assists the student in achieving his or her academic and personal goals. Each Academic Advocate will participate in the schools’ regular advisory classes (rotating among the classes) and will mentor youth, addressing personal, academic, and career-related issues, and work individually with students to develop a My Life Plan. As the students move up a grade, their Academic Advocate will follow them, remaining constant through grades 7 – 12 (and beyond into college as needed). Each Academic Advocate will serve as an advisor to a group of approximately 50 students, mentoring and developing a My Life Plan, connecting with their families regularly, and collaborating with school staff, in order to lower individual students’ barriers to success while helping students connect with peers.

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For details and printable handouts on each school's academic program visit: Press Kit