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U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan Visits Castle Park 

Students cheered. They held signs. They shared their hopes and belief in education and their future. They came from five Castle Park neighborhood schools - united - to show U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan that it can be done.

Secretary Duncan and senior staff at the Department of Education concluded the 2013 back-to-school tour - "Strong Start, Bright Future" - with Chula Vista Promise Neighborhood (CVPromise). Hundreds of students from Castle Park Elementary, Castle Park High School, Hilltop Middle and Hilltop High School joined students at Castle Park Middle School for an energetic morning rally with Secretary Duncan.

Following the rally, Secretary Duncan held a town hall with 200 local school officials, education stakeholders and community leaders on Promise Neighborhoods. Secretary Duncan commended CVPromise partners for supporting academic excellence through a holistic and collaborative approach. 

“Castle Park’s turnaround is just one more example that when adults raise expectations, children will rise to meet them," Duncan said. "You guys are setting a profound, profound model here. The whole country can learn, the national implications of what you’re doing are very significant.”