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Transition to Kindergarten Program

Going to kindergarten is an important milestone for both student and parent. There is excitement and maybe some worry too – especially if a child did not have the opportunity to attend preschool.  CVPromise provides two programs to help students and parents steer through the process and enhance a child’s transition.

From Promotoras to enrollment day, Transition to Kindergarten provides a personal connection to all prospective kindergarteners and their parents. Promotores outreach to those in the community whose children were not enrolled in preschool or early learning program to provide support, information and connection to kindergarten teachers. Tours of Castle Park Elementary School campus, introduction to kindergarten teachers and overview of curriculum are provided. There is also a special Enrollment Day where current and former students, teachers and school staff meet and greet incoming kindergarteners and parents.

Just before the new school year begins, CVPromise offers Kindercamp - a free two-week summer camp especially for incoming kindergarteners. Located on the campus of Castle Park Elementary School, students get a chance to get acquainted with routines and expectations that they will encounter in kindergarten, such as lining up for recess, visiting the cafeteria and taking turns. The program helps students build self-esteem, self-awareness and social skills.  Kindercamp also focuses on early literacy, letter and name recognition, math and science activities and social emotional learning.  On the first day of camp, a parent orientation is provided so that parents also learn and understand expectations and rules of their new school.